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A March for Dignity

Saturday 3rd of January is quite an event in Ceuta. Once a year, Human Rights associations on the territory and of the peninsula unite in the city to remember the victims of the Frontier. A silent march, with rain or sun, from one of Ceuta's most active integrational institutes to the gates of the Tarajal (yes, the frontier has a nickname). The recurrence was startled by the death of 15 people trying to cross into Spanish territories. Four years ago, on February the 6th, a nearly weekly occurrence was turned into a scandalous event and human rights abuse issue, putting half of Spain in an endless debate about the inhumane conditions and illegitimate methods utilised by the Guardia Civil at Ceuta's frontier. 
Most of break-in attempts are undertaken on land, trying to find a break in the 8km border or climbing over a 6 meters tall fence. Barbed wire, regular watchposts, police patrols and noise and movement sensors make crossing via land a nearly impossible mission; nonetheles…

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