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Melting Pot

Ceuta prides itself to be a frontier city due to a multitude of aspects; all of which have influenced the way that the city has come to be. Each of them is intrinsic to the reality of modern Ceuta, whether we look at its geographical nature, social composition, or political raison d'etre.

Geographically, it's placed right between two bodies of salt water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The contrast is not as stark as it would be in Tangier, where you literally see an immense swimming pool that suddenly and out of the blue (aha, puns) changes colour and rhythm. However, the two sides of the peninsula look astonishingly different - one kissed by an ocean, the other by a sea.

Socially, Ceuta is a melting pot; and it prides itself to be one. So much so that it yearly issues the "Premio Convivencia" to any entity that allegedly fosters peace and coexistence in communities with strong and diverse religious or cultural identities. It really is the motto and l…

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