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Teaching the Invisibles

Most of my week is spent working with six to sixteen years old. Our classes are by all means a substitute of public school, to provide invisible children with the same basic education first to five graders get. The focus is on teaching Spanish, as to provide them with the very basic tool to interact with the surrounding society. True, half of Ceuta speaks Arab; however institutional, public and working language is Spanish. Without it, a person is seriously handicapped. Classes are divided into two periods, the first always being Spanish, and the second a mixture of all other relevant subjects that will aid the kid's personal growth.

Second period is normally math - unless a special activity comes up and we are able to dedicate some time to the arts. To a person that has abandoned math in high school, having to muster up my limited knowledge and teach in another language was traumatic. When confronted with a complex multiplication during my first period, my heart skipped a beat. Th…

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